Yves Dalbiez is a French film director for over 20 years based in Tokyo.
His early passion for composing music, painting and computer graphics lead him to create original contents that are visually and emotionnally unique. His work has been awarded and nominated several times.

“River in Heaven" won the World Bronze Award in the category Best TV film & Music Video at the New York Film Festival 2011.

Riba, was nominated world wide and won the following awards:

Award Supinfocom Arles 2003 France - " Best Creation “

Award Anim Film Festival Ciberart Bilbao 2004 / Spain - "Best Creative CG Animation”

Award  Auch Festival 2005 / France - " Emile Reynaud " and was viewed 257 380 times on YouTube.

In 2015, he starts a digital marketing service to help entrepreneurs and influencers to raise their global visibility online.

Today, as a filmmaker and online communication expert; influenced by artists like Egon Schiele, Renoir, Yuri Norstein, Terrence Malick or Bruno Aveillan, he creates new concepts, stories and films that build a deep emotional bond to promote brands.



-- NHK Heart Japan Exhibition -- digital painting


-- Long Feature film "Paco and the magical book"

CG WORLD Magazine (CG Character Facial design)

CG WORLD Magazine (Lead CG Character Animation / CG Rigging / Landscapes design)


-- Original animated shortfilm "River in Heaven" produced by NHK Enterprises

Featured on CATSUKA.com

Featured on CGWORLD July 2010 - In focus - Minna no uta / River In Heaven 天の川



"The more we have worked with Yves, the more we have discovered how much his skills in direction are going much further than animation. He is far-sighted, considerate with his team and able to react quickly to unexpected events. We have certified his talent and we have given him our trust."
Tatsuhiko KAWASAKI (former Senior Executive Producer, NHK ENTERPRISES, INC., Japan)

"Yves is someone working with integrity. He has shown a maturity in his reflexion and a depth in his writing which are quite rare for his age. With such artistic sensibility, we wouldn't be surprised to see his visibility increasing at the international scale."
Keiko IINO (Executive Producer, NHK ENTERPRISES, INC., Japan)

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